Distributing Preliminary Reports

A case report in WorkPath is in a constant state of flux until the case is signed and released. At the point of release the report is cached and a physical copy is stored, replacing the ability for the system to display a dynamic report. At any point during the case life cycle it is possible to distribute and/or cache a snapshot of a report. This is done by using on-demand distribution rules, the queue system and special queue processing rules.

Dynamic Report Preview

When a case is open it is possible to see a dynamic preview of the report by clicking the Preview Report link in the left sidebar. This sidebar is available when the user is actively viewing a single case. There is also a Preview Report button on the case view screen. Both of these links will prompt the system to display the report as it currently stands. It is possible to design reports in a way that will hide or flag incomplete results. This is useful if preliminary reports need to be considered. The preview is helpful because it shows exactly what the report will look like when a preliminary version is sent.

Configuration to Distribute Preliminary Reports

WorkPath has a distribution system attached to many of the major objects (Physicians, Facilities, Patients, etc) of the system. In order to accommodate distribution of a preliminary report a user needs to create a distribution rule on the necessary object with a Status of “NA – On-Demand“. The users will also need to select the type and set the endpoint as well.

The next step is to setup a queue that will trigger the on-demand distribution of a report. To do this create a new queue, or select an existing queue in the Queue Administration (Administration > Queues). Note, for queues like this it is suggested that the Remove From Queue After Rules Process option be selected. This will remove the case from the queue automatically after the processes are complete. Once the queue has been created, click on its name to view the Queue View screen. From here, create a Process Rule with the Type of Rule field set to Run On-Demand Distribution Rules. When this rule is triggered a copy of the report will be delivered to the selected object (Physician, Facility, etc) using whatever form of distribution was selected.

It is also possible to keep a copy of a preliminary report in the system. To do this, make another processing rule on the same queue from the step above. This time, set the Type of Rule to Cache Report as a Case File. This rule allows for an extra parameter that will tell the system to keep a copy of every preliminary report, or to overwrite any previous preliminary report. If the desire is to always overwrite the previous preliminary, put True in the Endpoint/Parameters field. If a copy of every preliminary report needs to be kept, leave the field blank. When this rule is triggered a PDF snapshot of the report will be created and stored as a Case File; these files are viewable on the Case View screen.

Trigger the Distribution of a Preliminary Report

Once everything is configured the Case of the report to be distributed simply needs to be placed into the configured queue to trigger the distribution. This can be done manually by a user from the case management screens, or it can be configured as part of a Workflow process. The triggering process can be repeated as often as needed to achieve the desired process flow.