Using Templates

Templates are predefined collections of content that are expected to be used on a recurring basis, allowing users to streamline data entry and maintain content consistency. They can be used when editing various form fields with WYSIWYG editors (e.g., case diagnosis, case notes) or as an on-demand customer-definable portion of a custom report template (e.g., disclaimers, methods and limitations).

When editing a case field with a WYSIWYG editor:

  1. Click the ‘Insert Predefined Template Content’ button.
  2. Select the desired template and click ‘Insert’.
  3. Finish editing the case and click ‘Save’.


  • Multiple templates can be inserted in the same form field.
  • After template content has been inserted, it can be edited as needed.
  • Users with Customer Administrator permissions can add and edit templates.

Insert Predefined Template Content